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Pilates-Infused Group Fitness

At Kickfit we believe that a strong core is the basis of good health and fitness so all of our classes include elements of Pilates fitness. Our certified Fitness Instructors monitor each student’s performance and offer individualized modifications and challenges to promote continued growth.

We also believe that fitness should be addictive. We get there by making fitness fun. Our friendly community includes women of all ages, all shapes and all fitness levels who enjoy getting fit together. Come join us!

Goal-Oriented Personal Training

Whether you are a mom-to-be focused on staying fit through your pregnancy, a new mom trying to get your old body back, an exercise newbie who needs a little help easing in, or an experience fitness buff who needs a new challenge, we’re here to help.

We pride ourselves in putting the "personal" back into personal training. We will listen carefully to your fitness goals and design an individualized training plan to help you meet your goals -- and set new ones!.


Class Schedule


8:30 AM

Total Body Conditioning



8:35 AM

Mix it Up!



8:35 AM

Total Body Conditioning



8:35 AM




8:35 AM

Total Body Conditioning







Sharon's Monday Total Body Conditioning class now starts at 8:30AM



Group Fitness

Unlimited Classes:

$145 per month
minimum 6 month commitment


10 Classes for $150
3 month expiration

Single Class


Personal Training


$ 65 per hour

Small Group:

$ 85 per hour
(max 3 people)




Pilates is a body conditioning routine developed by Joseph Pilates that strengthens the core and creates long, lean muscles. Benefits include flat abdominals, increased circulation, flexibility, and balance, decreased back/neck pain and toned thighs and buttocks. Pilates also promotes weight loss. Although practiced by dancers and gymnasts, many Hollywood actors and exercise enthusiasts practice Pilates to promote their overall health and well being. This classical Pilates mat class emphasizes learning the basic Pilates exercises. Emphasis is placed on pelvic and spinal alignment and the proper use of the breath. Benefits include increased core strength, flexibility and posture.

Total Body Conditioning

Total Body Conditioning is a one-hour workout that targets all of the major muscle groups. Our goal is to build long, lean muscles, increase strength, boost endurance and improve balance. Our small group setting allows our instructors to monitor form and provide individual modifications to keep you challenged at the "just-right" level.

Mix It Up!

The content and style of Mix It Up varies weekly, ranging from kick-boxing to more traditional moves designed to raise your heart rate. Each class intersperses cardio with a healthy dose of strength and core training, all focused on the same goal: sculpting lean muscles while working up a sweat! And like all KickFit classes, our instructors will provide the modifications to meet your personal needs, whether it's kicking it up a notch or dialing down the intensity.



Dawn Mazzeo, Director

Dawn is passionate about fitness and empowering women to be the strongest, most balanced they can be. She has a BA in dance from Sarah Lawrence College and teaches ballet and creative dance at Kick's Dance School.

Dawn is certified in Piloxing (Pilates infused boxing), Pilates, SPIN, and Bokwa (dance inspired group fitness).

As Director of Kickfit, Dawn focuses on core strength and believes balance and a strong center should be the focal point of a strong fitness program.

Sharon Jacobowitz, Instructor

Sharon is a professional fitness trainer with over 17 years of experience, consistently maintaining all certifications and progressing with the state-of-art techniques in the fitness industry.

Sharon's energetic, enthusiastic, caring and motivation techniques help her clients achieve their maximum fitness levels.